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 khairulanwar5417: Thanks for free carpet. Very fast shipping tq seller!!! >>>(GAMING CHAIR Royal THRONE)   

linkTOeveryda: Really nice item..lampu rgb dia memang padu. >>>(Gaming Mouse FX-S1)

  shrlikrm7: thankyou seller barang dah sampai, belum guna tapi saya puas hati. >>>(Gaming Mouse DARKNET 830)

 edwin_yeoh: The volume not so loud as I had to put up to 70% on the pc to be able to hear clearly. No other issues. >>>(Gaming Headset SPARK3)

 ketshakir: Everything works fine..cuma pemghantaran ja lambat skit. >>>(Gaming Headset SPARK3)

 wizayusof: Overall satisfied! The brown switch is really the one for me because it’s silent compared to blue switch. Affordable keyboard too! Beli la weh tak payah fikir dah. >>>(Gaming Keyboard MXRGB9-BR)

ahyun981: works fine. >>>(Speaker EVO R)                                                                     

 ahjohn95: nice quality & packaging!! >>>(Microphone CHANTER STUDIO PRO)