Cooler Pad ACP10
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Size (L x W x H) 35 cm x 29 cm x 35 cm
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The ACP10 is a cooling pad that is compatible with all notebooks. It has a very comfortable elevation design and is also very quiet while still providing a cooling effect. The cool air generated on the surface of the pad cools down the laptop and eliminates overheating, making it an essential tool for gamers and professionals alike.



1 Model ACP10
2 Fan Size 160mm
3 Speed 700 RPM
4 Bearing Type Hydraumatic
5 Power USB 5V/0.25A
6 Product Size 348 x 285 x 36/57/70 mm
7 Product Weight 625g
8 Package Size 365x 296 x 44 mm


What's in the box


  • High compatibility. Suitable for notebook size from 12 inches up to 17.3 inches.
  • Ergonomic Elevation Design for your own comfort.
  • Super Silent Low Noise Environment.
  • Stoppers on the front of surface to prevent laptop from falling off.
  • 160mm Cooling Fan.
  • Fan Control Switch & Dual USB Hub Design.
  • Anti-Skid Design at the bottom to secures the notebook.
  • Metal Mesh Design helps to reduce wind resistance, speed up the flow of wind speed & improve thermal performance.