USB Mini Fan AUSBF04
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Size (L x W x H) 15.5 cm x 10.5 cm x 15.5 cm
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Sometimes, you need to cool down and focus. Whether you're writing a paper or just enjoy the peace and quiet of your own space, having a convenient, compact personal fan can make all the difference. Give yourself some relief with the AUSBF04 Ultra-Quite Design 4" Portable USB Fan. Its anti-slip design will keep it on your desk or in the perfect spot for personal cooling.



1 Model AUSBF04-BK (Black)
    AUSBF04-PK (Pink)
    AUSBF04-BL (Blue)
2 Power source USB
3 Rated Power 2.5 + 0.25W
4 Material Metal
5 Size Approx. 155 x 105 x 155mm
5 Power Cord Length Approx. 1.2m



What's in the box


  • Ultra-Quite Design 4" Portable USB Fan.
  • Anti-Slip design.
  • On/OFF Switch.
  • Adopt brushless motor & 4 pieces aluminium fan blade to provide super-silent strong wind with low power consumption.
  • Pitch angle can be rotated by 360 degrees by yourself, to provide you different wind directions.
  • Desk type mini fan; You can place it besides your computer, on the table or in your car for convenient to use.